For nine years now, generous people in North Lanark and beyond have purchased trees and/or shrubs from our annual Tree Fundraiser. The beneficiaries of these purchases have been people in our community who avail themselves of our services. This includes support and advocacy for people who have received a terminal diagnosis; advocacy for those finding life difficult because of changes in their health status; respite, helpful information and a willing listener for caregivers; easing the burden for those who are bereaved, and public education. To continue to offer these services at no cost to people in North Lanark, we have to raise money, as we don’t receive any continuous government support. As our client numbers swell, our fundraising efforts must keep pace.

Sales are down this year.

Usually, we are pretty much sold out by now, but it hasn’t happened this year. We invite you to hop online at and purchase a tree or shrub or two. If you don’t need any for your property, consider them as gifts — a housewarming, birthday, celebrating a birth or marriage or a memorial tree. We have some lovely varieties left at great prices.

Help us sell out! Last chance to order is April 25, and pick-up day is Saturday, April 27, so time is ticking.

Thank you in advance…we know you’ll come through for us.

If you have ordered already, thank you! You’ll be receiving an email with the details of your pickup time and place.

We are also looking for some help with delivery and pickup

Could you spare a few hours on Wednesday, April 24, Thursday, April 25 and/or Saturday, April 27? We need help unloading the truck (Wednesday), sorting, bagging and tagging the orders (Thursday) and helping folks pick up their orders (Saturday). Please get in touch with if you can help. You need to be able to lift about 20 pounds, and there is lots of lifting, but it’s not particularly hard work. It’s been mostly seniors handling it in the past, but some younger muscles would be welcome!

Happy Spring!