“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Home Hospice North Lanark is proud of the work we do, and are always humbled when we receive thanks for that work. Because of strict privacy policies we can’t publish all the notes of thanks we receive or include the writer’s names, but here are a few:

HHNL is so very important and valued. It’s an honour to be a part of this organization. [from a Visiting Volunteer]

With thanks for the wonderful services you provide to our community.

I just finished the group bereavement sessions and had the one on one sessions before that. Congratulation to your organization for providing these much-needed services.

The care giving courses I took (1 in person and one on Zoom) were extremely beneficial.  Zoom was great as I could not have been able to attend in person. Thank you.

Everyone has been wonderful – Sidney, Sarah, my volunteer. My volunteer is outstanding. I look forward to our weekly get togethers.

I have been volunteering with HHNL since 2019. I recognized the need for this service in the community and I had the time to volunteer. I enjoy making connections that are meaningful and in helping to support not only the client, but also their families and other caregivers. [from a Visiting Volunteer]

I have thanked our Visiting Volunteer and Coordinator personally many times. Sidney is the best! Fantastic resource and support saved my wife’s life at one point.

Thank you so much, Jan, for coordinating the Caregiver’s course which I felt very fortunate to have participated in this past month. I found it superb — very thorough and informative and delivered so very well by Ruth, Nancy, Sidney and Katrina. What a marvellous program you’ve put together and how thoughtful of you to finish the experience by gifting us with an adorable comfort bird. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much for offering the course to Caregivers this fall. It offered many good tips and support for those of us going through difficult times.

Caregiver support — someone who understands my needs and was able to listen and offer solutions. The nurse is an excellent listener and knows when to speak and when to listen.

I started as a volunteer in 2020 and I enjoy working as part of a team of people who care, being of service to clients and being able to use my gifts to support others who need it. The 2 Program Coordinators, Sidney and Emily, are wonderful to work with and they follow up in a timely manner when needed. [from a Visiting Volunteer] 

The support we received was exceptional. We would like to pass on that Sidney is absolutely wonderful. Her caring, expertise, advice, knowledge and support that she gave us was beyond what we expected. She took the time to explain things and to offer ideas for solutions. Hospice Lanark should be proud to have her as a staff person and hope that she is valued. She is certainly an asset to your company and to the community and we are certainly promoting your service to everyone that we talk to.

Sidney did an excellent job of intake followed by Emily who has been amazing. The volunteer she selected for my sister was excellent. This is an extremely well-run program which is badly needed in our community.

I have been a Visiting Volunteer for a little under a year. I enjoy getting to know people and this allows me to learn as I spend time with clients and their families. This service is much needed in our communities.  [from a Visiting Volunteer] 

Thank you, Emily – you are excellent. 

Coordinator was great – a good listener – kind – calm – able to navigate difficult subjects. 

I enjoy volunteering with Home Hospice and am happy knowing that I make a difference in the lives of the clients I support. I like the flexibility to work around my personal schedule. [from a Visiting Volunteer] 

Sydney Thompson’s [HHNL Program Coordinator] anchoring strength came into our family when we journeyed into palliative care with our elderly mother.

She offered gentle support and thoughtful reflections to us as a group, and individually. She provided us with factual and spiritual literature, in a way that enabled us to process death in our own way.

Sydney encouraged quiet discussions, answered every question, and most importantly, was an active listener.

I feel that because of Sydney’s time with us, I became more knowledgeable, and even enlightened about the beauty of the end of life journey.

Thank you Sydney,
the Duncan family

I was fortunate to participate in an eight-week session on Grief Support offered by Home Hospice North Lanark last spring with two instructors. It was offered free of charge and each session was two hours.

Each session had a focus and each of the participants had an opportunity to answer each question and/or topic. We also received some resources, which helped us to understand what we were going through as we grieved.

As soon as I saw it, I signed up, knowing that I had a lot to learn and working with a group and the instructors, would be more helpful than trying to figure things out on my own.

Each week the instructors got us talking about how we were doing and each of the participants had an opportunity to contribute. Over the course of eight weeks we got to know each other and we were always supportive of each other. We were ‘there’ for each other. I think that was the best part of being in the group.

What helped me the most was the information shared by our instructors, talking about my experience, and the suggestions offered by the instructors. At the end of the eight weeks, I wasn’t the same person. I was better prepared to deal with my grief.

Thank you Home Hospice North Lanark.

I have been volunteering for about 4 months and appreciated the support a friend of mine received from Home Hospice.  It is a much-needed program and it feels good to be contributing to my community. We have monthly meetings which is nice as then we can meet the other volunteers and brainstorm as needed. [from a Visiting Volunteer] 

On behalf of my family, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the beautiful quilt that you provided [our loved one] to comfort her during her final days with us. She thought the quilt was beautiful and very much enjoyed its warmth. Thank you as well for reaching out to her and to me to provide compassion and support during what was a very difficult and challenging period. It is very much appreciated.

On behalf of our friend, we thank HHNL …for their generous gift of time and spirit. Their presence was a comfort to our friend in the last phase of her life’s journey and we welcomed the respite you provided us. We are so fortunate to have this service available in our community.

I have been a volunteer 7 or 8 months. I enjoy visiting my client ad having long chats about everything and anything.  Doing little things around the house that will make their life easier. Thank you for providing this service to families in need in the community. [from a Visiting Volunteer] 

I lost my spouse 1 ½ years ago rather unexpectedly. Our children were totally independent and raising their own so the only responsibilities I had was myself.

A member who had helped organize the local bereavement Hospice program called and sincerely gave her condolences, then invited me to attend their program.

I decided to give it a try which was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It was a very soothing program with well trained and compassionate leaders. There were just 5 of us in the gathering. No one was expected to participate if they were having an emotional flash back – but sit back and listen. We learned that we were all dealing with a lot of the same situations and feelings.

Our leader had a very calming and knowledgeable disposition which helped relax us on our first gathering and this comforted us.

At each meeting we were given great ideas and suggestions of how to deal with our loneliness and emotional pain. As we built a bond between us and became friends we felt free to express our most intimate feelings and emotions. There were plenty of tears shed during our open conversations — what a wonderful outlet.

There was valuable information given on healthy diets, vitamins that would nurture our bodies and minds (to ward off depression) and breathing exercises and support were given to help us deal with our bad days.

I’m most grateful to these lovely people and volunteers that gave of their time, knowledge and support. The experience was most beneficial and appreciated. I genuinely would recommend our local Bereavement program to anyone who has lost a loved one.

Our group of 5 remain very close and trusted friends that meet twice a month to share our new stresses and problems that continue to pop up.

Thanks for all the compassionate care!

I have just been a volunteer about 2 months. I am retired and wanted to do some volunteer work. At first the person I was visiting was a bit reluctant but in a short time they wanted me to visit more, smiling and so happy for my visit. I like the monthly volunteer meetings to meet others and share experiences. Coordinators respond very quickly when you need information or support. [from a Visiting Volunteer] 

Your dedication and passion to help people is second to none!

We … used the hospice service this year for my dad and we were impressed with their care, information given and follow up!