“After your diligent efforts … this report is the culmination of a great deal of hard work by the whole crew at HHNL and I am delighted to congratulate you on a successful Accreditation!

— Selina Abetkoff (she/her) | Standards & Accreditation Coordinator

We are so pleased to announce that we have achieved accreditation from Hospice Palliative Care Ontario. We are so grateful for all the hours that our team put into this prestigious designation.
Read our public announcement here.

What this means

Home Hospice North Lanark has fulfilled the requirements for HPCO Accreditation of a core In-Home Hospice program that also offers Grief & Bereavement Support services by demonstrating through extensive written and verbal evidence that it follows HPCO Standards.

The written and verbal evidence items provided throughout the Accreditation process demonstrate that the governance, operational, quality improvement, and service delivery processes of the above listed programs align with HPCO Standards.

Upon review of the evidence, it is our assessment that Home Hospice North Lanark meets the following expectations of an In-Home Hospice program accredited by HPCO:

  • The organization achieves a score of 90% or higher on the Accreditation Review assessment
  • Services are designed and delivered in a way that maximizes safety for clients, volunteers and staff
  • The organization operates in a sustainable way; the current method of delivering service is likely to continue at this level for the next three years
  • The organization demonstrates ongoing quality improvement

The evidence provided reflects a commitment to providing high-quality, volunteer-based hospice services to your clients.