“No one ever
told me that grief
felt so like fear.”

– C.S Lewis

The unavoidable reality of caring for someone who has faced a terminal diagnosis is that you will eventually have to find a way to move through life without your loved one. Everyone’s grief journey is unique, and for some the grieving may even start while your loved one is still with you. We offer support, advocacy and companionship. As with all our services, we do our best to listen well and help you find the best way forward for you. For some, this may be a grief group; for others a referral to a one-on-one counsellor.

We are committed to walking with you on this journey.

To learn more or to arrange an appointment as soon as possible, call 613-406-7020 or 343-262-0902, email [email protected] or fax 343-809-0888.

Holidays and special occasions can be a tough time for those who are grieving. Here are links to some good information that we hope can help.

Grief: 10 Things to Keep in Mind from Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program
Grief in Times of Celebration: The Empty Spot from Canadian Virtual Hospice


Home Hospice Palliative Care can help facilitate connections with other community services.

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Our home visiting program is only one part of a constellation of services in our community and beyond. We’ve organized them into the following categories:

Caregiver and Grief Resources

Help for the Holidays

Local Health Teams, Clinics, Hospitals and Hospice Services and Facilities

Home Support and Day Away Organizations, Transportation, Other Sources of Information and Reading Material