Home Hospice North Lanark is seeking new board members to fill upcoming vacancies as current members come to the end of their terms.

In order to accurately represent our community, we invite people from all areas of North Lanark, backgrounds, cultures, age groups, genders, and abilities to apply.

Skills and Strengths
These are the skills and strengths we are looking for in prospective Board members:
1. Appreciate and be committed to the mission of the organization.
2. Be able to fulfill the time commitment requirements. These include preparing for and attending monthly Board meetings (except for December, July and August).
3. Participate in at least one Committee of the Board, and have the time available for the preparation, and attendance at, meetings as necessary.
4. An ability to think strategically, with strong problem-solving skills.
5. An understanding of a charitable organization’s structure, challenges and financial issues.
6. Bring to the table ideas and guidance and be able to present these with confidence.
7. Be able to work with a wide range of personalities with respect and support.

Currently we have a particular need for individuals with skills in the area of fundraising and grant writing and funding applications.

As all HHNL programs are provided free of charge to clients, caregivers and members of the community, and because we do not receive sustainable government funding for our HHNL programs, we rely heavily on fundraising. It would be an asset if prospective Board members are well connected in the community and could provide access to community members able to respond to our fundraising needs. We serve Almonte, Carleton Place, Appleton, Clayton, Beckwith, Blakeney, Pakenham, and surrounding areas.

About HHNL
We provide support, assistance with navigating the healthcare system, and advocacy for adult clients who have received a life-limiting or terminal diagnosis, and/or those who care for them. Bereavement support and public education also fall within our mandate.

If you are interested in joining our Board, please send a letter outlining your interest and qualifications by April 30, 2024. Attention: Jan Watson, Chair of the Board of Directors, Home Hospice North Lanark at [email protected], or Box 787, Almonte, ON K0A 1A0.