Create Magic This Christmas — Shop Our Trees and Help Your Neighbours

Support and advocacy for people who have received a terminal diagnosis; advocacy for those finding life difficult because of changes in their health status; respite, helpful information and a willing listener for caregivers; easing the burden for those who are bereaved, and public education. To continue to offer these services at no cost to people in North Lanark, we have to raise money, as we don’t receive any government support. As our client numbers swell, our fundraising efforts must keep pace.

Home Hospice North Lanark (HHNL) presents our 9th Annual Tree Fundraiser, one of three signature fundraising events. Living trees and shrubs are the perfect gift — they are the very definition of environmental responsibility and will provide shade, beauty, fruit, or all three, long after we’re all gone. We offer great prices, and every dollar raised makes a very real difference in the lives of your friends and neighbours when they are at their most vulnerable.

The true magic of Christmas is that while you check names off your list, you are also giving HHNL clients the gift of support.

We have some great new varieties this year — Tatarian Maple, Mme Lemoine Lilac, Lustre Serviceberry, Bitternut Hickory, and two different varieties of Hydrangea — Limelight and Pink Diamond, and Butternut. You can shop here:

Order early for best selection! Pick up will take place in Spring 2024 at Reid Gardens in Carleton Place, 140 Pick Road. This is the fourth year we welcome a partnership with Chris Gow and Doris Goerzen at Reid Gardens in Carleton Place, who are donating a free bag of 3-Way Planting Mix and a package of Root Rescue to be included with each item purchased.

About the Tree Committee

We are fortunate to have a veritable dream team making this initiative happen, ensuring the choices are perfect for our zone. We are so fortunate that they share their skills and talents.

Peggy McPhail has been involved with the Tree Fundraiser as lead for 5 years. She has a deep appreciation for what HHNL does for our community, is a true tree and nature lover, and is an amazing organizer.

Allan Goddard’s experience including his work for the City of Westmount’s Parks and Recreation, as a landscape manager in Saudi Arabia, and the countless gardens in Almonte and Ottawa that he designed and maintained, add up to a lot of horticultural knowledge.

Ed Lawrence’s is a familiar name. Now retired from his long-running CBC spot, he was also Chief Horticultural Specialist, overseeing the 85-acre historic grounds and greenhouses of Rideau Hall, as well as all six official residences under the authority of the NCC. Ed brings his positive energy and vast knowledge to the group.

Dr. Ron Ayling is a graduate of the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Toronto — where he later taught dendrology (the study of trees). He received a PhD from the Australian National University and spent most of his professional life in international development. Now retired, Ron contributes to the betterment of our community in so many ways.

Rounding out the committee are Nora Kazda who manages the shopping platform. Wendy O’Keefe takes care of marketing. Christine Bois is a long-time member, and also served as Chair and Past Chair of the HHNL Board. Christine McPhail has recently joined the Board and is helping out with the Trees as well. Jan Watson, Chair of our Board, helps with pretty much everything, including showing up to help lug trees into people’s vehicles on pickup day.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our organization, or if you need support.