Our goal is $30,000. As of today (October 24), our Hike donation portal (https://tinyurl.com/4hvcuf9z) shows just over $19,000, but we have commitments from a few people/businesses that will bring us up to over $22,000. Can we do it North Lanark? Can you help push it over the top?

Let us give you some examples of what we’ll do with this money. The Hike won’t cover all of these examples, but this is where the money we raise goes. It may:

  • Ensure adequate funding to pay our Program Coordinators (PCs) — we employ one full-time RPN and one part-time RPN. These women — Emily Ballinger and Prescia Dube — are at the core of all we do. They advocate for clients, they oversee the training and matching with clients of our Visiting Volunteers, they help with education and field the calls that come in from people in the community who need assistance. They work hard to achieve the goal of helping people really LIVE every day of their life, even after things get tough.
  • Ensure that all of the bills will be paid. Our PC’s phones, the secure record-keeping software, our insurance, accounting, internet, banking, website, and professional fees that are paid to Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, the organization that oversees what we do and ensures we adhere to the highest standards.
  • Cover the cost of continuing education for our staff and Visiting Volunteers, public education material, and the information kits we give to physicians, social workers, public health nurses and so on, so they will be aware of our services and tell their clients/patients about us.

And if we exceed our goal? We’ll have no trouble finding places to use those extra funds! The need in our community is huge, and growing.

The Hike is one of three main fundraising activities each year. The other two are our Tree Fundraiser, which runs from November through April, and an online Auction that takes place in the Spring. Our HHNL programs and services are 100% covered by these and other donations.

It’s easy to take part. You can Hike anywhere and anytime this month, and get friends and family to support your efforts. Or, you can simply donate to the Hike directly or support someone already registered. Find that information here: https://tinyurl.com/4hvcuf9z

Or take part in a fun event that is happening this Sunday, October 29.

A good friend and supporter of HHNL is Meaghan Guthrie of Bay & Balm Apothecary in Almonte. She has organized a Costume Walk at 11:30 on Sunday, October 29. Please gather in front of the Almonte Old Town Hall, across the street from the shop. Meaghan will be accepting donations for the Hike. If you can’t take part in the walk, you can support her here: https://tinyurl.com/y6pm9avw

Help four more teams get to $1000.

An anonymous donor has donated $5000 to use as matching funds. The first three teams to reach that level have been matched with an additional $1000. The next four teams will be matched with an additional $500. Pick your favourite and give them a boost!

So, North Lanark? What do you say?

On behalf of our clients and others who benefit from our services, we say thank you!!