Image of river with word Gratitude overlaid on it

Home Hospice North Lanark (HHNL) is committed to helping as many people in our community as possible through public education, easily accessible resources, help with navigating the healthcare system and of course our Visiting Volunteer Program. We work hard to inform the community of how we can help, and it’s been working. Our client numbers are the highest they’ve ever been. It’s wonderful.

To finance our programs and pay our two staff members, we must raise money. It’s the reality for every charitable organization, and HHNL is no different, as we depend 100% on donations and funds raised through activities such as our Tree Fundraiser and our Spring Online Auction, both of which have recently wrapped up.

Our Tree Fundraiser launches in November each year, with delivery taking place in the spring. This year saw our amazing tree committee roll up their sleeves in late April to tag and organize the shipment of trees and shrubs. For the second year, Reid Gardens in Carleton Place provided a great location as well as Root Rescue and a bag of planting mix for each item. April 30, pickup day, was beautiful and sunny, and the mood was light-hearted as people came by to claim their purchases. Thinking of all those trees and shrubs being planted all around the area is a lovely thought! We are grateful to each and every volunteer and customer — the initiative raised $9,316.21, surpassing our goal.

Overlapping the wind-up of the Tree event was the ramping up of our first annual online Spring Auction Fundraiser (we did take part in a joint auction last year, but this was the first on our own). Some of our volunteers work on both events, so it was a busy — but productive — time. Many businesses from around North Lanark, as well as individuals, generously donated a wide variety of items for people to purchase. And purchase they did! This initiative will add just over $5,000 to our available funds. We hope everyone is thrilled with the items they “won” with their winning bids.

We extend our sincere appreciation to every donor, customer, business and volunteer who helped these events be successful! North Lanark is a wonderful place, full of kind, generous people. We — and most importantly, our clients — thank you.