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On a beautiful sunny day, Home Hospice North Lanark (HHNL) presented staff and residents of Fairview Manor with 23 hand-knitted items — shawls, blankets and socks.

We gathered outside of the front entrance and were so happy to have Ernie Smith, who is the President of the Resident’s Council, along with Helen Alderwood and Marilyn Scott, who enjoyed knitting and crocheting in past years.

The items donated were lovingly crafted by some of the 40 Comfort Crew knitters who volunteer for HHNL. Each knitted item was in a gift bag wrapped carefully in tissue paper — beautiful colours of items, some suitable for men and some for women.

HHNL was represented by Jan Watson, Chair, Phyllis Moore, Board Director,  Nancy Deschênes, Past Chair who was on hand to take photos and Kathryn Stevens, who coordinates the Comfort Crew knitting group on behalf of Home Hospice.

Fairview Manor staff Amanda Becking, Julie Rice, Sheila Lefevre and Crystal Newman took a break from their very busy jobs to come out into the sunshine and join us for the presentation.

It was a great pleasure to join the FVM staff and residents for this presentation and we sincerely hope that the folks enjoy their gifts.

Thank you so much to the Comfort Crew members for all their volunteer hours in knitting these items — we guestimate that the 23 items took about 600 volunteer hours! Wow!

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