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Home Hospice North Lanark (HHNL) is experiencing a growth spurt! Our client numbers are the highest they’ve ever been. Part of this is because we’ve worked hard to be more accessible, so more people understand how we can help. We’ve also expanded our public education programs and made it easier than ever to sign up for support.

We’re very excited about this, but with success come certain realities, such as the need to recruit and train more Visiting Volunteers. These wonderful people are the heart of the organization!

We encourage everyone who thinks this may be a good fit to look into it — we need both men and women… anyone over 18 is welcome to apply.

What Makes a Great Visiting Volunteer?

Successful individuals can explain why it is they are drawn to this type of work, have some knowledge of loss and are accepting of the different ways people experience grief. They are good listeners and understand that hospice volunteer work is not a place to share their own story. They support the client/family in their beliefs, upholding the client’s right to dignity and autonomy. They are open-minded, in keeping with our policy of providing services based on a holistic approach, respecting culture, dignity and personal lifestyle preferences.

They must be 18 years or older. They take direction and accept supervision, are nonjudgmental, discreet, and tactful. They project a warm, caring and empathetic attitude and demonstrate good communication skills. They fully understand the need to maintain strict confidentiality, and follow all policies and procedures laid out by HHNL.

What’s in it For You?

When we enter this world, we are celebrated, loved, protected, cared for and never left alone; when we are leaving this world we should be celebrated, loved, protected, cared for, and not feel alone. Visiting Volunteers report a deep sense of satisfaction in the knowledge that they are part of the team that allows fellow humans to leave this world with dignity and in their home if they so wish.

If you are interested in applying to become a Visiting Volunteer for HHNL, please visit or call 613-406-7020.

Come be part of the team!