Grief. Bereavement. Mourning. Intense emotions are the reality for people who experience the death of someone close to them. Everyone’s grief journey is unique, and those who walk this path (or support those who do) often wish they understood it better. Knowledge can help with understanding, so as part of our commitment to offer education to the public, we have designed a presentation dealing with this topic. Please note that this is not a grief support group.

We will share current theory and understanding, and relevant information about what happens in the brain when we’ve suffered a loss. We will discuss different kinds of grief, and talk about what’s typical for most people. Through the sharing of some personal stories, we’ll also talk about what life can be like for a person who is bereaved. And, we will provide some guidance on how to support someone who is grieving.

This session will be valuable for:
• People who are bereaved, but don’t feel ready for a grief group, or don’t like the idea of a grief group.
• People who have someone in their life who is grieving, and they want to understand the process better so they will be able to help or support them for effectively.

This FREE session, presented by Home Hospice North Lanark at the invitation of Bridging Generations Pakenham, will be held on Wednesday, May18 from 1:15 to 3:00 p.m. at the Pakenham branch of the Mississippi Mills Public Library, 128 MacFarlane Street, Pakenham.

If you have any questions, please contact Jan Watson at