January is Alzheimer Awareness month. Melinda Coleman (left), the Executive Director of the Alzheimer Society Lanark Leeds Grenville, reached out to Jan Watson, Board Chair of the Home Hospice North Lanark to discuss the possibility of sharing some “comfort birds” with clients who are living with dementia. The comfort birds are small wooden carved birds that were made by local carvers, including members of the local Naismith Men’s Shed. They are a token of comfort that the hospice team gives to their clients. People living with dementia would also find comfort in these beautifully carved birds. They are very smooth and tactile which will provide sensory stimulation to those living with dementia. According to the Naismith Men’s Shed, “…they are medically documented to lower blood pressure and pain in stressful situations. Holding it in your hand gives you something else to focus on, other than the stressor of the moment. They can be used as an aid to imagining our fears and worries flying out the window like a bird and leaving us at peace.” It is with great appreciation that The Alzheimer Society accepts these comfort Birds to share with clients during Alzheimer Awareness month.