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“As a society, we are so focused on prolonging life and curing illness that very little thought is given to what happens at the end of our journeys — including to those who are left behind. Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) would like to help bring this discussion to the forefront of Canadians’ minds, and allow time to grieve, to remember, and to heal…to normalize the idea that grief and bereavement is a part of life.”

Each year in Canada, the third Tuesday of November marks National Grief & Bereavement Day. This year, National Grief & Bereavement Day falls on Tuesday November 16.

Bereavement is the period of time when a person experiences the sadness of losing a loved one to death. This experience varies with the individual, depending on the circumstances of the death, the supports available, and many other factors. Society often dictates that a period of grieving should be finite, such as a workplace that provides a few days of compassionate leave. In reality, bereavement is unique to each grieving person.

On National Grief & Bereavement Day the CHPCA encourages Canadians to engage in dialogue with government and all sectors of society to identify and support access to resources for those living with grief and bereavement. We are invited to consider the meaning of bereavement in our life and ways that we can be supported, or how we can support others. CHPCA has assembled a repository of useful information at

How Can I Honour National Bereavement Day?
• Explore available resources at and Home Hospice North Lanark
• Reach out to someone currently experiencing bereavement
• Express gratitude for the gift of life by remembering those for whom one has grieved
• Educate yourself about Advanced Care Planning

Locally, consider supporting Home Hospice North Lanark with a monetary donation, or look into becoming a volunteer for HHNL

This National Grief & Bereavement Day, let’s make sure that all Canadians are supported through a time of life we all will experience.