Team Unicorn, the team that raised the most money in last year’s Hike for Hospice, has hit the trails again this year. We are excited to announce that Team Unicorn is the third team to raise more than $1000, so Scotiabank will match that! Congratulations!

Jenn Plager sent in this report:

“Team Unicorn hiked in honour of family members on October 17, fundraising for our local hospice. This is our 5th year participating in this worthy cause. We actually used the hospice service this year for my dad and we were impressed with their care, information given and follow up!”

We’re so pleased that we were able to help, Jenn, and thank you for your support of HHNL!

Photos: Christine & Abby Mould, Quinn Jibb, Maddie Plager, Sloane Jibb and Jennifer Plager hiked in Pakenham for Home Hospice North Lanark as Team Unicorn (2 additional members to hike later).