“We Serve” — that is the simple, to-the-point motto of the world’s largest service club, begun in 1917. It is a motto that the Almonte Lion’s Club has been dedicated to locally since 1947. Home Hospice North Lanark, incorporated in 2013, is a relative newcomer. But the organizations find common ground with their commitment to serving their community with passion and compassion. They are also 100% volunteer driven, and funded by donations and targeted fundraising efforts.

Fundraising has been a challenge over the last year for all organizations that depend on it. Both organizations are grateful for the support they continue to receive, but the reality is that donations are down. And the people in our community who need help still need help – perhaps more so.

The Lions Club is well known for their support of local projects such as Christmas Food Hampers, the local Food Bank, and Scholarships and Bursaries at Almonte and District High School. Their annual volunteer “Toll Bridge” held in support of CNIB, their Gladiola sale and support of the local hospital are other examples.

Home Hospice North Lanark is a “Hospice without walls.”  They provide compassionate in-home support—wherever home may be—for adult clients and their families who have received a life threatening or terminal diagnosis. Services are provided in the North Lanark area by a trained volunteer, in a confidential, respectful and client-centered manner under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. With that in mind, the two organizations have decided to launch a sale of rain barrels. The cost of the barrels is only $70, and includes leaf and mosquito filter basket, spigot/tap, overflow adaptor and overflow hose, and delivery right to your door! Funds raised will be shared 50-50.

It’s easy to order. Simply visit www.RainBarrel.ca/AlmonteProjects and place your order by Monday, May 24, 2021. In late May/early June your items will be delivered just in time for the summer gardening season.

There are so many good reasons to use a rain barrel — you’ll save water and money, protect local waterways and reduce runoff, pollution and erosion — to name just a few. And your plants and flowers will enjoy being watered by water warmer than what comes out of your hose. And if you supported HHNL by buying a tree or shrub, well a rain barrel will help you keep it healthy!

If you have any questions, or prefer not to order online, you can call The Lions Club at 1-833-546-6725 or email [email protected].

The sale will launch online on Monday, March 22, 2021 — World Water Day.