The days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger. You know what that means! It’s a great day to think about Spring! And with Spring come thoughts of gardens, new life and new growth.

Have you ordered a tree or shrub from the Home Hospice North Lanark Tree Fundraiser yet? We have a few wonderful choices left (if you hurry). No four-leaf clovers…but some other great options. This year pickup will be easier than ever, thanks to our partnership with Reid Gardens in Carleton Place who have generously offered their help, including storage facilities to keep trees and shrubs safe upon delivery until pick-up. They are throwing in a 30L bag of 3 Way Planting Mix and a 4.5g package of Root Rescue (mycorrhizae) with each tree purchased — a $6 value — as a gift!

How about a Blue Beech? This is a beautiful, ornamental tree. Leaves emerge as reddish-purple buds, turning to dark green, and eventually shades of yellow, orange, and red in fall. Even in winter this is a striking tree with its grooved blue-grey bark. This tree is happy when its feet are nice and wet.

Or perhaps an Ironwood? This is one of the strongest and most resilient trees you will find in North America. It has the hardest and most dense wood of any North American tree, hence the name. A beautiful oval shaped canopy and showy winter trunk will be gorgeous on your property. It is sensitive to salt though; so don’t plant it near the road.

The Northern Acclaim Honeylocust might be the best choice for you. This pretty tree grows fast and can reach 40 feet high with a spread of 30 feet. With its lacy foliage and fragrant spring blossoms this tree is surprisingly drought resistant, and casts a lovely shade, turning a gorgeous yellow in the fall. Under ideal conditions your children’s children’s children will sit and tell stories under this tree. Ite loves full sunlight and is very adaptable to dry or moist locations. It’s also adept at handling environmental salt – a great choice for urban locations.

Another lovely tree is the Harlequin Maple. With its distinctive bright white and green variegated leaves, it is a striking accent tree. This tree is a non-invasive variety of Norway Maple. Whether standing alone, or within a group of green-leaved trees, it provides contrast and makes a bold statement.

Thunderchild Crabapple (isn’t that just the best name?), Ginkgo Biloba, Royal Beauty Crabapple and Common Witchhazel are a few others you can still find online.

Plant a tree as a legacy. Plant it in memory of someone you love. Plant is for the good of the environment. Or just because it’s beautiful. Get yourself over to and get your orders in! Trees will be available for pick up in the Spring of 2021. Exact date and time are to be determined. The pick up location will be Reid Gardens in Carleton Place, 140 Pick Road, adjacent to the Garden Center.