Support comes in many forms, and is always appreciated by the Board of Directors of Home Hospice North Lanark (HHNL), but ultimately it is our clients who reap the benefits. We simply can’t fulfill our mandate without community support — we are 100% funded through donations.

The OutCare Foundation, based in Ottawa has shown their commitment to quality palliative care in our region, and support for HHNL, in a very tangible way. In response to an application for funding for “creative therapies” they responded by giving HHNL more than what we asked for!

To say we are grateful is an understatement. The funds will allow us to enhance and support our home hospice visiting volunteer program, volunteer education and client comfort.

About The OutCare Foundation

The OutCare Foundation has been providing funding for health care and related community programs since 2001, but our history of health care support goes further back. We were originally created as the Riverside Hospital Foundation in 1984. After several Ottawa hospitals integrated in 1997, the Foundation continued as a distinct entity and was rebranded as the OutCare Foundation in 2001 to reflect a focus on “out (of hospital) care” programs.

For the next few years, OutCare provided financial support to a wide range of community programs in Ottawa and throughout our community.  Over time, we recognized an unmet need for “end of life” palliative care. As a result, OutCare refocused in 2005 to increase community awareness about this need and to provide financial support for the community palliative care programs (delivered primarily by the Hospice at May Court). OutCare advocated for more dedicated palliative care beds in the Champlain Health Region.  OutCare also raised public awareness of the need for these out of hospital hospice services.

Thanks to the support of our community, for the past 15 years, OutCare has funded a broad range of initiatives for palliative care providers throughout the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario region. For more information, visit


About Home Hospice North Lanark
Home Hospice North Lanark is a not-for-profit registered Canadian charity funded 100% through donations and targeted fundraising initiatives. We are a “Hospice without walls.”  We provide compassionate in-home support—wherever home may be—for adult clients and their families who have received a life threatening or terminal diagnosis. Services are provided in the North Lanark area by a trained volunteer, in a confidential, respectful and client-centered manner under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Visit for information or to request the support of a visiting volunteer.