A Mini Fundraiser for Home Hospice North Lanark

Phyllis Moore, a board member with Home Hospice North Lanark (HHNL), has fond memories of her grandmother’s Banana-Gumdrop Cake at Christmas time in the Ottawa Valley. The treat was only made once a year, because gumdrops were a rare treat in those days. Fast forward a few years, and Phyllis decided to use her grandmother’s 100-year-old recipe to help raise funds for an organization she believes in.

On Saturday, September 5, you can pick up a loaf (2 sizes available) of this yummy cake at the Almonte Farmer’s Market with all proceeds going to HHNL. The first 20 customers will also receive a free hand-sewn shopping bag.

Phyllis’s neighbour Wayne Morrison, is a guy who knows his way around a woodworking shop. He’s made some lovely pieces – birdhouses, a pine bench and a few giraffe-shaped clothes trees for children, which are also being sold to support HHNL.

And that’s not all. Folks will also be able to pick up their pledge sheet for the upcoming Hike for Hospice which this year will take place over the whole month of October.